Wednesday, 12 September 2007

IIT M: M for Madras

I'm sure none of us likes the name of our institute to be misrepresented. And in this context, reports in some sections of the media have irritated me to a large extent. A common mistake is to refer to IIT- Madras as IIT-Chennai and abbreviate it as IIT-C. And accordingly, IIT-M stands for IIT-Mumbai which incidentally is called IIT-Bombay. The point here is that our institutes cannot change names according to the will of politicians who have their own compulsions of vote bank. We, at IIT-Madras are still IIT-M and not IIT-C and this holds true even for IIT-Bombay which is still IIT-B and not IIT-Mumbai. For the media, it may be trivial but for me it's a brand and brand names are established identities.

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