Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Yes, "Sperm" is the name of a shop that claims to sell menswear and other fashion accessories including belts, junk jewelery, watches and even bike helmets. And, Yes, "Sperm" is located in the so-called 'conservative' Chennai on 100 feet bypass road in Velachery. In fact, it's one of the first few shops on that road which houses top brands in apparel including Peter England, Lee, Levi's, Koutons etc.

I've often passed by it and always wanted to check it out in spite of the name being so crass. So, I did the other day. The shop takes its name quite seriously. With some trouble, you can read what appears on its glass door in the photo that I managed to capture. Some of the things written on it can make a feminist pull her hair. The first floor is nicknamed 'Virgin Territory'. One of the narrowest, winding staircases I've ever seen leads up to it. And believe me, one of the paintings there proclaims 'foetus'!

Inside, the stuff was pretty ordinary - branded sports jerseys priced at Rs 400, the shirts they had were unimpressive though the cargoes and jeans section upstairs up for that. They also have the now-popular three-fourths and other clothing stuff. Plus, they have accessories - leather belts at Rs 300 or so, usual junk jewelery, sunglasses, watches and even biker's helmets. They also have a few worn-out outrageously placed sneakers on display. One of the the shop assistants told me that I can expect variety in a couple of weeks.

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