Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Left Hater in me

Dear Mr. Prakash Karat,

You do not care for the middle class for you believe that power lies with the 'people'. You do not hesitate in labeling Narendra Modi as a mass murderer. You call him a modern day Nero. You may be right. Gujarat 2002 is nothing to be proud about.

But, what about West Bengal CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee when he said,
"What I am simply saying is that they were paid back in their own coin”? What about the shameless manner in which you defended him? Yes, what about Nandigram 2007? And, do you remember the source of Mr. Bhattacharjee's first name? Well, you may not. For that is all the Left is about.

You have ruled Bengal for 30 years, returning with brute majority every five years. Is your track record in Bengal outstanding? By no means yes. You are an average performer. But how do you get back each time? It's though the cadre system you have built. The very cadre that now seeks the license to kill in Nandigram. They are the ones who ensure your periodical affirmations of majority every five years. And today, these armed cadres are active in Nandigram. So, what do have to say to the 4000 refugees in a camp sharing three toilets between them?

You speak of anti-Americanism. You speak of anti-imperialism. Your armed cadres block Mamata Bannerjee's convoy. Your armed cadres don't allow the media inside Nandigram. Is this freedom? Or is this the very imperialism you look down upon?

P.S. Mamata Bannerjee is right this time, for a change!

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