Thursday, 1 November 2007

You know you've lived in Delhi if

You know you’ve lived in Delhi if

  1. You decide your car on the basis of your neighbor’s recent purchase
  2. You decide your new mobile model based on your friend’s latest acquisition
  3. You decide your house must be made bigger than your neighbor’s
  4. You visit Palika Bazaar to get all kinds of CDs dirt cheap
  5. You attach snob value to South Delhi
  6. You travel by Ring Road but don’t know Ring Rail exists
  7. You frequent your neighborhood snooker/pool club / bowling alley
  8. You are a regular at PVR
  9. You are bothered by a dozen beggars outside every PVR
  10. You are a regular at McDonalds
  11. You are a regular at your street-corner chaatvala (More unclean, more frequent)
  12. You frequent Gurgaon and more recently, to a certain extent Noida
  13. You (woman) are afraid of traveling alone in the dark
  14. You (man) think every woman is your property
  15. You (North-Indian) refer to South-Indians as Madrasis
  16. You (Tam) become happy since you’re actually from Madras
  17. You (Gult/Mallu/Dig) explain that you’re not a Madrasi
  18. You are afraid of a Blueline Bus
  19. You go for a walk in the DDA District Parks
  20. You travel in the metro but lack courtesy to fellow passengers
  21. You prefer your car to the Metro / Bus
  22. You play loud music in your car
  23. You don’t know Old Delhi exists
  24. You name an address in Lutyen’s Delhi when a cop catches you
  25. You are always on the look out for ‘jugaad’
  26. You call a North-Easterner a Chinki
  27. You employ a Nepali as your car cleaner
  28. You call an autowala or shopkeeper as bhaiya
  29. You refer to ‘Malai Mandir’ (Hill Temple) as ‘Malaaai Mandir’ (Cream Temple)

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